Terence Paul Apprentice competition 2019

Terence Paul Apprentice competition 2019

Yesterday saw the annual Terence Paul Apprentice competition, a fantastic opportunity for all the new and upcoming talent within the business to create a look and vision based around a brief; working with one of the trends from Wella Illumina, Opal Essence or colour create.

The event is hosted at The Wella Studio’s in Manchester

Terence Paul Apprentice competition 2019

The competition is broken down into three tiers, first year, second year and third year apprentices. Year one and two create a mood board to represent their colour trend, whilst Year three had to showcase a relevant colour, cut and style.

Each have just two hours to prepare their models and complete the look.

Terence Paul Apprentice competition 2019

After finding a model that will compliment and work within the style trend they set about the task of putting their creative vision into the hair.

The standard of work is exceptional and every year the judges struggle to select a winner from each category and this year was no exception.

Work on the hair started weeks ago for many of the apprentices as they prepare to lighten and prepare the hair for the final colour and style on the day.

Terence Paul Apprentice competition 2019

This year the judges remarked that the standard was extremely high across all year groups but the following looks caught the eye of the judges and won their categories.

First Year apprentice winner is Sophie Ellis based at Terence Paul Didsbury with her vision based around sweeties, she used the new Opal Essence colour range to create each half of the head a different shade, she then used a zigzag parting to separate the colour and curled the hair whilst adding sweets to decorate. Her model was dressed in pastel shades to compliment the hair and complete the overall look.

Second Year apprentice winner is Aaliyah Brown from Terence Paul Manchester her vision based on abiogenesis, questioning if there are other forms of life out in the galaxy what they would look like. She started by colouring the hair with created a textured look for the hair and added metal bolts into the braids at the side of the hair. This category was extremely competitive with eight other competition entries all of a very high standard.

Terence Paul Apprentice competition 2019

Third Year Winner is NJ from Terence Paul Didsbury who’s vision was based on 50 Shades of Grey, she coloured the hair using Wella’s Illumina and then cut and styled the model giving her a blunt fringe and used dry shampoo and wax to give texture to the hair. The judges were very impressed with the detail within her mood board and amazing use of colour within the grey hair and such a creative theme.


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