Autumn Hair Trends 2023

Autumn Hair Colour Inspiration From Terence Paul
Hair Salons in Greater Manchester and Cheshire

As the air turns crisp and the leaves turn golden, it’s time to celebrate the beauty of autumn. And what better way to do that than by getting a fresh new hair colour at Terence Paul?  Here at our salons in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, we can’t wait to embrace the beauty of the season with the latest autumn hair colour trends we’re sure that you’ll love…

Cowboy Copper

Cowboy copper is the latest phase of the copper craze, focusing more on golden auburn rather than bright, pigmented hues.  These tones are reminiscent of autumnal falling leaves, glowing embers, and warm spices. With more and more celebrities opting for this wonderful cosy shade, why not join them and choose cowboy copper for your next hair refresh.  

Golden Honey Blonde

Barbie blonde has been the trend of the summer.  However, as we move into the mellow warmer tones of autumn, more honeyed blonde hues are the way to go. This golden shade will give you a wonderful natural glow. It’s a flexible choice that can suit a variety of skin tones, brightening up your look and adding a touch of sophistication to your autumn style.  There’s a perfect blonde shade for everyone, so if golden honey blonde isn’t the one for you, speak to our expert colourists who can help you find a shade that will suit you.

Bronzed Balayage

Bronzed balayage is a beautiful blend of hues that add amazing depth and dimension to your hair. It mimics the play of golden light dappled through autumn leaves.

Our expert stylists can customise this trend to perfectly suit your personal style, giving you a look that’s both sophisticated and low-maintenance.  We love this autumnal bronzed shade.

Copper Peach

Can't get enough of copper? If cowboy copper isn't for you, why not opt for a copper peach shade?  This colour combines sophisticated copper shades with glowing peachy hues.  It reflects both warm and cool light, giving your hair extra depth and dimension.  These warm milky shades are reminiscent of a pumpkin spiced latte! What better way to brighten up your hair for the new season?

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