Hair Colour Correction

Expert Hair Colour Correction Services in Cheshire & Greater Manchester

If you've had a hair colour experience that's gone horribly wrong, don't worry!  We're here to help.  Hair colour correction doesn’t have to be a stressful process when you work with our expert colour technicians. When it comes to hair colour faux pas, we’ve just about seen it all. From box dyes gone wrong to home balayage disasters and unwanted brassy tones, we can happily fix it all. Our stylists are trained in the latest hair colour techniques and trends and can retore your hair colour to give you a look you'll love. 

During your colour correction service, we’ll analyse your current colour and hair condition and create a tailor-made plan to get things back on track. We will also prioritise hair health throughout correction services and advise on the best treatments to keep your hair nourished and lush. 

If you’re ready to get your dream hair back, give your nearest Terence Paul salon a call using the numbers below. When it comes to colour mishaps, we've seen it all, so there is never any need to feel embarrassed. We’ll work our colour correction magic and get your hair back on track!

Note:  We are a colour-responsible hair salon so please pop in for a quick allergy alert test 48 before their hair colour appointment.

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Box-Dye Mishaps

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When it comes to at-home box-dye disasters, many of us have been there. We get a sudden impulse to change things up and hope to look like the gorgeous model on the box. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and most don’t leave the world of box dye unscathed. We’ve corrected many box-dye jobs, transforming patchy at-home colours into vibrant, gorgeous shades that embody elegance and finesse.

Over Bleached Hair


Over-bleaching can result in dry, brittle hair that lacks lustre and shine. If it’s particularly over-bleached, you might also deal with chronic breakage. We will analyse the condition of your hair and create a bespoke plan to restore its health. This might include a combination of hydrating, rejuvenating hair treatments, expert styling, and colours that require less maintenance so that we can revive hair health. 

Balayage Blunders


Balayage - when done by expert colour technicians - creates a gorgeous, sun-kissed look with lighter shades elegantly painted on the mid and lower layers of hair. This technique requires experience and precision, and sometimes things don’t go to plan. Our stylists are trained in the latest balayage techniques and can expertly rectify any balayage woes to achieve a sensational style that embodies elegance and charm.

Correcting Unwanted Brassy Tones 

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We can also get rid of those persistent brassy tones to achieve a gorgeous look. Brassy tones occur when unwanted warmer shades - like oranges, yellows, and reds - peep through the new hair colour. This often happens when people have gone from darker colours like brown or auburn to lighter shades like platinum or blonde. Our stylists will work to eradicate these unwanted brass shades using toners and a variety of other colour-correcting techniques. Once we’ve analysed your hair, we’ll advise on the treatment plan to create your dream hair.

Transform Your Locks with a Colour Correction Appointment At Manchester's Top Hair Salons

Say goodbye to colours that cramp your style and say hello to a gorgeous new colour you adore. Our stylists will work their colour magic during your hair colour correction services, creating a tailored look that makes you feel fabulous. Book your appointment with our colour professionals and embrace a new colour that inspires you!

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