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Simply Dry Disposable Bamboo Towels at Terence Paul Hair Salons in Cheshire

We have decided to reintroduce disposable towels at our Cheshire hair salons.  We are now using eco-friendly bamboo towels from sustainable brand Simply Dry.

Having trialled the use of washable cotton towels in our salons, we found this proved to be unsustainable for us to continue using them.

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Disposable Towels Terence Paul Cheshire Hairdressers

The Advantages of Simply Dry Eco-Friendly Disposable Towels

We have chosen to use Simply Dry towels as they have the following benefits:

  • They contain no bleach, no pesticides, no nasties and are perfect for sensitive skin.
  • The towels are fully biodegradable and decompose quickly.  They can even be composted.
  • Simply Dry achieve 10-15% more absorbency than every other brand of disposable towels.
  • This change will result in a significant reduction in our salons' carbon footprint overall.

Why Choose Bamboo Over Cotton

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.  It can grow 1-to-4 inches in a day and regrows quickly after being cut down, making it a top renewable resource.   Indeed, the health of the bamboo plant is improved by cutting, meaning that bamboo can be re-harvested every three years without any harmful effects on the environment.

This amazing plant can be made into a huge variety of products.  This gives us a chance to enjoy many of the comforts of modern life without causing irreparable damage to our environment.

The Benefits To Our Salon Clients of Simply Dry Towels

Simply Dry towels match traditional towels when it comes to size and experience, but they are 75% more absorbent!

The towels are very hygienic, as you will have a brand new towel every time you visit us and they are kind to sensitive skin.  They come with a clip at the front which will keep them securely wrapped on your head and they are soft and comfortable as well as being environmentally-friendly.   We're sure you'll love them.

For more information, call your local Terence Paul salon on the numbers at the bottom of the page.  Take a look at our Instagram page to see our latest salon news.