Short Hair Ideas

5 Reasons We Love Short Hair At Terence Paul Salons In Greater Manchester

Not sure whether a short hairstyle is right for you?  Check out our 5 reasons why it may be time to go 'for the chop'! 

All our stylists are highly skilled in precision cutting and fully understand which hairstyles suit different face shapes. With that in mind, we can suggest some great short hairstyles that will look sensational on you.  

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Enhance Your Facial Features

A short hairstyle can really enhance your facial features, making more of your beautiful eyes.  So get out the make-up and have some fun with a new look to go with your short chic hairstyle.

Feel Cool With A Short Hair

Not only does short hair look cool, it also helps you to stay a little cooler during bouts of warm weather! 

Save Time On Styling

If you are tired of spending hours drying and styling your hair, a short hairstyle could be the perfect solution.  With a cropped look you can be ready in minutes. 

Say Bye Bye To Split Ends

By cutting away dry hair and split ends, your hair will look and feel healthier. 

Show Off Your Beautiful Neck

As well as enhancing your facial features, a short hairstyle will show off your long elegant neck.  

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