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Stylish Hairstyles for older women at Terence Paul Cheshire Hairdressers

As women we are often bombarded with advice on how to keep our skin looking youthful and glowing, but how should we care for our hair as we get older? 

We know that our hair may well turn grey or white as the years pass, but this isn't the only change we can expect to see in our locks.  As we get age, our hair's volume and texture is likely to alter and the rate of growth will slow down.  White or grey hair tends to have a coarser texture our hair can become generally drier and frizzier.   Meanwhile, hormonal changes during menopause can have a major effect on the hair, and can even lead to hair loss as oestrogen levels decrease.

It's certainly not all gloom and doom when it comes to our hair as we get older though!   In this article we look at the many ways more mature women can ensure that their best head of hair is yet to come.

Book an appointment with your Terence Paul stylist who will be happy to help you find a look that will see you looking as beautiful as ever as you progress gracefully into your next chapter!

Promote Healthy Hair Growth For Strong Hair

Hairstyle ideas for older women manchester salonsWhen it comes to promoting healthy hair growth at any age, we need to think holistically.  This means that although it's vital that we nourish and protect our hair from the outside, we also need to take care of our scalp and nutrition.  

A healthy scalp is essential for strong hair growth, and this is especially so as we get older.  To take good care of your scalp, the basic steps you need to follow are: 

1) cleanse

2) exfoliate

3) moisturise. 

Massage your scalp while washing your hair to cleanse and gently exfoliate it.  This clears away the natural build up of oils, skin cells and products.   You should follow this with a thorough wash using a gentle shampoo.   To really rejuvenate your scalp and promote hair growth, we recommend using a scalp serum such System Professional Balance Energy Serum B4.  Available at our Cheshire salons, it's clinically proven to strengthen hair and tackle hair loss and thinning.

Adapt Your Hair Care Routine

Haircuts for older women cheshire hair salons Terence PaulAs the year's pass, it's natural for our hair to become a bit drier and more prone to breakage.  This makes it important to pay more attention to the mid-lengths and ends when conditioning to prevent the strands becoming dull and unhealthy looking.   Choose products which are deeply nourishing and smooth each individual strand.  We love the Sebastian Dark Oil range.  Available in salon, Dark Oil is infused with a special blend of jojoba and argan oils to nourish the hair whilst retaining it's natural body.  The result is sleek shiny hair with a silky feel.

If you're using electrical tools to dry and style your hair, always use a protector spray.  The System Professional Styling range is a good choice - speak to your stylist for advice on the best products for your hair type.   Make sure that your tools are good quality and won't overheat and damage your hair.  

When caring for white or grey hair, it's important to keep in mind that it will respond differently to conditioner.  This is because the lack of colour particles in the cuticle allows your conditioner to penetrate more easily than before and in higher volumes.  If you have fine or thinning hair avoid using too much heavy conditioner, especially at the roots.  A build up of product can weigh your hair down and make it appear sparse.

Repair Damaged Hair

Haircut ideas for older women cheshire hairdressersOver time everyone's hair can become damaged.  That's why Wella developed the Ultimate Repair system.  This luxurious hair care routine is designed to repair your hair both inside and out.  It tackles all types of damage, including chemical, mechanical, thermal and environmental.

Its ideal for use on mature hair that's becoming weak and dry as it will strengthen it, restoring the bounce and elasticity which can be lost as we age.  It can also help to repair the damage caused by years of bleaching, sun and heated products, revitalising your hair and leaving it feeling soft and natural again.

We recommend using Ultimate Repair as part of your regular hair care routine.  The range consists of shampoo, conditioner, leave in protector plus Miracle Hair Rescue, which works in just 90 seconds.

How To Choose The Right Hair Style

Hair colour ideas for older women Manchester salonsThere are several factors to think about when choosing a new hairstyle to refresh your look.  These include your face shape, your hair's texture and growth patterns, your willingness and time available to style your hair as well as your hair's overall health.

The shape of your face influences the way a haircut will fall and will , while your hair's texture, growth patterns and overall health will affect the way that the style grows out naturally.  Book a consultation and one of our experienced stylists can help you to decide on the right look which will work perfectly with your hair. 

Choose Lighter Hair Colours To Look Younger

Choosing the right hair colour is especially important as we get older because it can have a major impact on our overall look.  Generally, lighter colours are more flattering for all skin tones as we become more mature.

If you have brunette hair, you could consider adding some caramel highlights, which can help to warm and soften your facial features for a more youthful look. Highlights can also add extra dimension and movement to the hair, giving the impression of greater volume.

Warmer hair colours such as golden blondes, rose golds, caramel and honey hues will give your complexion a healthy, younger-looking glow.  Avoid cool, ashy tones as these can be harsh and unflattering for an older complexion. 

Short Haircut Ideas

Short haircuts are always a stylish choice for older women.  As well as saving time on styling, regular hair cuts will keep the hair looking healthy and under control, removing dry ends and retaining its shape and volume.  There are lots of different short styles to choose from, from short blunt hair cuts to long pixie styles and choppy bobs.

Bob-haircuts are always popular and look flattering for all age groups and face shapes.  If sleek blow dries aren't your style, layered bobs look great too and are effortless to maintain.

The bob is also a great style for fine hair. It allows you to retain some length, whilst creating the impression of volume in even the most limp of hair.

Long Haircuts for Older Women

There's no rule that says you need to cut your hair short just because you've passed 50!  There are plenty of older celebrities rocking stunning long hairstyles, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston.

You can give the impression of volume to long hair by choosing loose beachy waves.   Or adding a long side fringe works well if your hair is thinning to give illusion of more volume.  Your stylist can help you work with the natural parting and direction of your hair growth when adding a fringe.  Blunt ends are another way to make fine hair appear more voluminous, especially when combined  with face framing bangs.  A fringe is also great for concealing any fine lines!

If you want to choose a slightly edgy look, long shag hair cuts are fashionable and flattering for everyone.  The multiple layers will give your hair natural movement, while promoting a look of volume and texture.  We recommend avoiding long straight hair if possible as it can drag down the face. Choose instead rounded layers that sit at chin level to add shape and texture. 

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