Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care Tips from the Style Experts at Terence Paul

Summer is here and our stylists at Terence Paul are so excited to revitalise your locks in time for the holidays.  From on-trend colour techniques and gorgeous hairstyles to nourishing hair-restoring treatments and the best at-home products from Wella System Professional, this season we're ready to prioritise hair health. In this guide, we'll share some of our top haircare tips to refresh your hair for summer and keep it looking fabulous. 

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Summer Hair Colour Refresh 

Summer Hair Refresh Terence Paul Greater Manchester

Something about summer has many of us wanting to embrace a brand-new look. Maybe you want to refresh an existing set of highlights or perhaps you're ready to take the leap and choose a brand-new colour. From sun-kissed balayage looks to full heads of creative colour and on-trend copper shades, our experienced colour technicians are always available to create a look you adore. If you're unsure about what colour you're after, book a colour consultation and we'll happily find a bespoke shade that complements your skin tone and style. 

Summer-Inspired Hairstyles 

Short hairstyles at Manchesters best hair salons

Regular trims are essential for keeping your hair looking lovely all summer long. They help optimise hair health and prevent those dreaded split ends. Whether you want a simple trim, a longer layered style, or an edgy shorter look like a pixie cut or bob, we can create a variety of gorgeous hairstyles. As always, we’ll choose a style that complements your features and face shape, ensuring you leave our salon feeling fabulous. Have a particular style in mind? Bring a picture! We love seeing your hair inspiration.

Nourishing Hair Treatments 

best hair smoothing treatments in Manchester

Fight the effects of summer—including dryness and damage from chlorine, salt water, and UV rays—with our powerful selection of nourishing hair treatments. Designed to restore and replenish your hair, our restorative treatments are ideal for maintaining healthy, beautiful locks all summer long.  We have several Keratin treatments available including Fabriq professional hair smoothing treatments and the revolutionary Wella Ultimate Repair. Consult with our stylists to find the best treatment for your unique hair type and specific hair needs. 

Proper At-Home Care 

Wella Hair Repair Cheshire Salons

Summer can certainly take a toll on our hair, but with the right at-home hair care, you can keep your tresses healthy and vibrant all season. Here are some tips:

Wear a Sunhat or Scarf: If you are traveling abroad to a hot country this summer, protect your hair from harsh UV rays by keeping a sunhat or scarf on hand. 

Use UV Protection Spray: Invest in a quality UV protection spray to shield your locks from harsh UV rays and heat damage. Where possible, let your hair dry naturally rather than blow drying. 

Choose High-Quality Products: Use high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and nourishing masks. Our stylists can recommend the best products for your specific hair type and concerns when you pop in for your summer consultation. 

Wella System Professional Solar Range 

Wella System Professional Solar Terence Paul Manchester

If you plan on spending time relaxing in the sunshine this season, consider investing in Wella System Professional's scientifically formulated Solar range. Designed to shield hair from harsh UV rays, chlorine, and salt water, it's perfect for anyone who loves an outdoor lifestyle. Combining both pre-sun and after-sun treatments, Solar consists of a nourishing hair oil, hydrating shampoo, hydro-repair conditioner, solar cream daily protection, and a specialised UV spray. Powerful ingredients including glycerin, amino acids, cationic polymers, and DL-Panthenol lock in moisture, restore damage, replenish keratin building blocks, and moisturise the hair and skin. 

Chat with your Terence Paul stylists about this incredible range and give your hair extra nourishment this simmer. 

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