Summer Hair Trends

Sensational Summer Hair Trends at Terence Paul, Manchester 

Summer is in full swing and that means brand new summer hair trends. From beautiful blonde shades and chic bobs to expensive brunette hues, we're loving these 2024 summer hair trends! To book your summer colour refresh or embrace a brand new style, book an appointment with one of our dedicated stylists at your nearest Terence Paul salon using the numbers below. 

We're excited to create a summer style you LOVE. 

Cropped & Layered Bobs

Terence Paul Bob Manchester Hair Salons

Something about summer has many clients wanting to go a little shorter. Cropped bobs are perfect for summer months, offering an on-trend, low-maintenance style that embodies 90s-inspired chic. The cropped bob sits at the lobe of the neck, offering a style somewhere between the classic bob and pixie-length hair. Longer layered bobs are great for adding extra dimension, and pair fabulously with highlights to add additional movement and flow. 

If you're eager to go a bit shorter, but you're unsure which bob will work best for your features and face shape, our experienced stylists will happily find a haircut you adore. From micro bobs and lobs to longer textured looks, there really is a bob for everyone! 

Expensive Brunette 

Brunette Hair Terence Paul Hairdressers in Manchester

This trend is all about lush, radiant, brunette shades that embody total richness and shine. The trend encompasses a huge range of brunette hues - from dark chocolatey tones to warmer hazelnut shades - and suits just about every hairstyle. The aim of this trend is to add an element of luxury to the hair and end with a glossy, luxurious finish. This look is all about creating elevated dimension and overall hair radiance. 

To achieve this look, your Terence Paul stylist will advise on the best products and in-salon treatments to leave your hair feeling healthy, radiant, and lush. 

Gentle Blonde Shades

Wella Colour Experts Terence Paul Salons Manchester

Dreamy honey blondes, muted golds, and soft almond tones are taking centre stage this season. While it's been a pretty gloomy summer, our stylists have a range of techniques to bring summer to your locks and brighten even the greyest of days. Honey blondes and more understated shades are gaining increasing popularity thanks to their ability to suit a broad range of complexions. It's also a perfect hue for those who want to embrace lighter shades without committing to a dramatic colour transformation. 

During your colour consultation, our stylists will find the perfect blonde shades to complement your hairstyle and tones. Warmer blonde shades often complement those with cooler skin tones, whereas cooler blonde tones look beautiful on those with warmer undertones. As always, we will create a bespoke look you adore. 

Hour Glass Layers 

Long layers Terence Paul Manchester and Chesire

Longer layered looks are also a popular look this season. Characterised by beautiful face-framing strands and super long layers that taper beautifully at this waist, this trend is created with clever, tactical layering. Our stylists can create a range of stunning layered looks, adding perfect volume and balance to your hairstyle.

If you don't have naturally long hair and want to achieve this look, why not pop in for a hair extension consultation? Our Beauty Works hair extensions are made of 100 % human hair, and add gorgeous length, volume, and dimension. They also come in a dynamic range of colours and styles. 

Book A Summer Refresh at Terence Paul 

If you're ready to embrace a summer-inspired look, book an appointment at your nearest Terence Paul salon. Whether you want a total hair makeover or a simple colour refresh, we're ready to work our magic.

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